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NationwideDog.com is a site dedicated to all things dog related. Starting with the intricacies of how to find the perfect dog for you to taking care of it (do’s and don’ts, nutrition, diet, grooming, training, health and whatnot).

NationwideDog is built upon the feedback of its users, in other words, we don’t write about what we want, we write about what you need.

I know this sounds generic but it isn’t, let me give you an example. When users and the dog community ask for information on a particular topic, NationwideDog gets to work and delivers.

That’s why this site is about You and Your pet.


Latest Articles

Below are some of the latest articles. By reading them you can get a feel for the quality and writing style. Everything is published with one thing in mind, “offer value”, this is the guiding rule. After that, the information is beautifully arranged and delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner so that anyone can benefit from it.

  • Can Dogs Eat French Fries?
    If you are a dog owner and like me prefer eating warm crispy french fries from McDonald’s or any other fast-food restaurants in the privacy of your own home, you should remember that your dog always begs with his big puppy eyes for your food. If you don’t mind sharing your food with him but
  • 3 Best Deshedding Shampoos for Dogs
    As a pet parent, everything relating to my dog is an absolute delight, except for its excessive shedding. But unfortunately, it is common for dogs to shed an excessive amount of hair daily. From your furniture and carpets to clothes: you will find a massive amount of your dog’s hair sticking to every surface. In
  • Can Dogs Eat Shrimp and Feel Ok Afterwards?
    Can dogs eat shrimp? Nearly all seafood lovers with dogs have asked this question during their role as pet parents. Well, the next time you steam some shrimp at home, set aside a few for your lovely puppy because dogs can eat shrimp! Shrimp can be delicate, delicious, and healthy treats for dogs. However, it’s

Hi! My name is Nathan Miller and I live in New York. I always loved dogs and didn’t hesitate to stop and pet them on my way home from work. I decided that I want to initiate something that revolves around them and so I started this site out of that desire. The vision for this site is big, first starting and building a small community and getting some helping hands that will contribute to this site is a priority. Hopefully, very soon there will be more people on this about page to accompany my story. In order for that to happen it is very important that the site receives feedback on what to focus on so that it best serves you, the beneficiary. All great communities are focused on its people. This implies that all and any kind of feedback is greatly appreciated! Please enjoy the already available content on the site and remember, if you have suggestions feel free to send a message.

Informed Dog Care Advice

Dog owners trust NationwideDog to help take care of the needs of their beloved companions. The site is committed to deliver the best content that can be made. Striving to outdo and improve with every posted article is the main goal. I highly appreciate any kind of feedback, especially if it helps the site get better so feel free to send a message anytime. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.