Can Dogs Eat Shrimp and Feel Ok Afterwards?

Can dogs eat shrimp? Nearly all seafood lovers with dogs have asked this question during their role as pet parents. Well, the next time you steam some shrimp at home, set aside a few for your lovely puppy because dogs can eat shrimp!

Shrimp can be delicate, delicious, and healthy treats for dogs. However, it’s advisable to minimize the intake of shrimp in dogs to a few pieces now and then. Hence, feeding shrimp to dogs regularly as part of the diet could introduce several health risks and drawbacks.

This article will discuss the types of shrimp dogs can eat and the side effects of consuming others. Let’s begin!

What Kind of Shrimp Usually People Cook or Purchase?

Usually, people think about frozen or peel-on products when preparing shrimp for dinner or lunch. Although freshwater shrimp (fresh) is readily available in the seafood market, many households and even popular restaurants love frozen shrimp.

The three main categories of shrimp that Americans think of when they hear “shrimp” include: brown shrimp, pink shrimp, and white shrimp.

You can prepare shrimp in multiple ways. However, the most common ways of preparing, cooking, and serving it include:

  • Raw shrimp
  • Fried shrimp
  • Sauté shrimp
  • Grilled shrimp
  • Shrimp soup
  • Boiled shrimp

How Can Shrimps Be Prepared?

You can prepare and cook shrimp in several ways. But note that the shrimp tails and shells are choking hazards for dogs and other pet animals. So, it’s best to avoid feeding raw shrimp to your doggo.

Dog parents usually love cooking, frying, or even grilling shrimps with sauté to serve as family dinner and doggy treats. You should know that too many additives can cause serious health problems and even life-altering issues in dogs.

You can prepare, cook, and serve shrimp as buttered shrimp, popcorn shrimp, coconut shrimp, and raw shrimp.

For your furry friend, you can prepare shrimp this way:

1.Clean the shrimp and remove tails and shells.

2.Avoid adding additives and/or seasoning at all as it raises fat and caloric content.

3.Ensure your dog can digest the shrimp you plan to feed it by looking at the previous stomach or digestive issues.

4.Consult the vet to provide shrimp in the right way or not at all if it’s a serious health risk for your doggy.

Otherwise, you can serve it as:

  • An additional ingredient in canned dog food (wet or dry).
  • Special snack or treat.
  • Tiny shrimp treats.
  • Dried shrimp pieces.

Is It Deadly For Dogs to Eat Shrimp?

No, shrimp isn’t deadly for dogs. Nonetheless, it can introduce lifestyle-altering health issues and long-term diseases that could make death more certain based on unnatural reasons. The damage shrimps do to your dog’s health will depend on how you prepare, cook, and serve them.

A few benefits of eating shrimp under controlled parameters and proper cooking techniques include:

  • Low-fat content
  • Low calories
  • Low carbs
  • High proteins
  • High omega-3 fatty acids
  • Good source of vitamins (B12 and B3)
  • Good source of phosphorus
  • Good source of niacin

So, can dogs eat shrimp? The benefits mentioned above make shrimp healthy and nutritious for dogs.

How you prepare them is the real question to ensure your dogs don’t experience any medical issues.

Can Dogs Eat Boiled Shrimp?

Yes, dogs can eat boiled shrimps because they don’t contain shells or tails. Plus, there aren’t any additives that pose a serious health risk. If you plan to add spices for yourself, separate the required quantity, and don’t sprinkle any additive-containing seasoning over your dog’s shrimps.

Can Dogs Eat Salty and Spicy Fried Shrimp?

Fried food isn’t as healthy for dogs as it is for us humans. Treating your dog to freshly barbecued meat isn’t bad, but it could result in a serious health issue if it becomes a habit. The grease and oil can upset a dog’s stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Grilled Shrimp?

No, your dog can’t eat grilled shrimp because grilling involves adding additives such as garlic, spices, and seasoning substances. All that substances can upset your dog’s stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Shrimp?

No, feeding raw shrimp to your dog can result in severe health issues. Above all, raw shrimp can be a choking hazard that could ultimately cause death or sudden heart failure.

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Shrimp?

Popcorn shrimps also have to do with additives and unwanted seasoning for dogs. Hence, it can be quite harmful and medically inadvisable for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Buttered Shrimp?

Excessively buttered, seasoned, and sautéed shrimp can be toxic to your doggy. So, you need to avoid feeding your dog buttered shrimp as well. Sticking with boiled shrimp is the best approach.

How Many and Often Can Dogs Eat Shrimps?

Moderation in the diet is key to balancing your dog’s health and nutritional requirements. Feeding any food item such as shrimp or other seafood irregularly will introduce several health issues. That’s why authorities like American Kennel Club recommend feeding only one or two shrimps at a time.

To better understand how much and how often to feed shrimp to your friendly doggo, contact the vet. At your request, a veterinarian can build a personalized diet plan, including shrimps for the doggo.

Potential Side Effects of Letting Your Dog Consume Shrimps Irregularly

There could be countless health hazards, ranging from choking risks to high cholesterol-related heart failures, from feeding your dog shrimp. Raw seafood carries the risk of developing intestinal parasites in dogs.

There are the potential side effects of feeding your dog shrimps other than obesity and intestinal parasites:

  • Intestinal blockage.
  • Unhealthy cholesterol levels.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Weight loss.
  • Vomiting.
  • Fevers.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Choking hazards.
  • Distended abdomen.

If any of the symptoms mentioned above appear individually or in combination, contact your vet immediately to get proper treatment and medical advice.


Can dogs eat shrimp? The answer to that is, yes, they can! However, the best approach is to feed your furry family member shrimp only after consulting the vet.

Also, you must adhere to the authoritative studies and research recommendations to feed only an acceptable quantity of shrimps at the right frequency. Always remove the shells and tails to prevent choking risks. Don’t exceed the diet proportion of over 10% when feeding shrimp to your dog.

Every once in a week is more appropriate when feeding shrimp to dogs. Avoid seasoning and additional additives at all costs. Contact a vet immediately if you notice any reactions, stomach problems, or digestive disorders.

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