Can You Rename A Dog? Even If It’s Old?

There are numerous reasons as to why you can consider renaming your dog. For example, it could be because you’ve adopted a dog from the shelter and you want to give the dog in question a fresh start or it could also just be because you want to give your dog a name that’s more fitting. But can you rename a dog? there seems to be a common misconception about whether or not you can.

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Is It Possible And/Or Opportune To Change A Dog’s Name?

Well, the short answer is a resounding “yes” you can replace a dog nickname. That is to say, while humans find the concept of having a name incredibly important identity-wise, the same absolutely can’t be said about animals such as dogs. You might experience some trouble at first because your dog will need to get used to the new name, but once this phase is over, you should be good to go!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should rename your dog every chance you get, but it remains useful to know that changing your dog’s name once won’t normally do any damage to your furry friend.

Even more so, in some cases, it’s even recommended to rename your dog. For example, the sad truth is that dogs get abused sometimes before they find their way to a respectful, loving owner. If this sounds familiar to you, giving your dog a new name is almost a must since the old name will be associated with negative emotions and trauma and that’s something you’ll want to avoid at all times.

Now, even though you can actually rename your dog, there are still a couple of things you should keep in the back of your mind. There are some useful tips and tricks to consider and there are also some things you should look out for when you’re in the process of learning your dog its new name. So, keep reading to find out!

Tips & Tricks

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1 Pick A Similar-Sounding name

First of all, it could be beneficial to give your dog a brand new name that’s similar in sound to your dog’s old name. Namely, it’s important to note that dogs don’t actually know their name, they just recognize the particular sound and respond to that. So, if you choose a similar-sounding name, you’ll find that it will be significantly easier to learn your dog to respond to its new name!

However, just because this gives you an advantage, doesn’t mean that it’s a necessity. It’s still possible to give your dog a new name, even if it sounds nothing like your dog’s old name. So, don’t fret if you’re wanting to go in a whole different direction, everything will turn out to be just fine all the same!

2.Wait for A Little With Giving Your Dog Pet Names

Furthermore, it’s common for people to give their dogs all different kinds of pet names because let’s face it, that’s incredibly cute. However, if you’re in the process of giving your dog a new name, it could be wise to hold off on giving your furry friend tons of pet names just yet. That is, this could confuse your dog since they won’t know what name they should listen to.

Once you notice that your dog is used to its new name, you can work creatively to give your dog cute pet names!

3.Preferably, Pick a Short Name

Research has shown us that dogs respond best to short names because these are usually easier to remember. So, if you don’t know which name to give your dog, it could be beneficial to go for a short name. However, it’s again important to say that this is not a necessity, it’s just something to keep in the back of your mind if you’re interested.

Actually Learning Your Dog a New Name

Once you’ve picked a suitable name for your dog, you can start on actually learning it to your dog. While doing this, there are some steps you can take to make this whole process smoother.

1.Use Dog Treats

This probably won’t come as much of a surprise, but just as is the case with teaching your dog new tricks, it’s extremely crucial to use dog treats while you’re teaching your dog a new name. More concretely, try calling your dog a few times by its new name and give your dog a treat every time they respond to it.

If you keep repeating this, your dog will eventually associate its new name with positive emotions. Then, your dog will start responding to its new name more and more and that’s always something to strive for!

Eventually, your dog will become completely used to the new name and he will know that it’s meant for him and only him. Once you reach this stage, you can stop with the treats because you will have reached your goal! Of course, don’t stop immediately, it’s advisable to phase out gradually.

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2.Use Your Happy Voice

Another thing that comes in handy is using a happy, energetic voice when you use your dog’s new name. As mentioned before, your dog must associate its new name with positive things, so this is another way to make that happen! Especially in the beginning, this is extremely essential so please make sure to keep this in mind!

3.Make Sure Your Dog Is Focused

Now, learning is never completely easy so you must make sure that your dog is focused enough in the process. There are different ways you can make this happen. For example, you can take your dog to a quiet place inside or outside where your dog will have fewer distractions. This will make the learning experience more pleasant for both of you!

4.Be consistent and determined

Finally, the most important thing of them all is to just be consistent and determined. It’s remarkably crucial to keep using your dog’s new name and to avoid its old name as much as possible to avoid confusion.

Moreover, it’s also essential to put enough effort and time into teaching your dog its name and you absolutely can’t give up. It’s really the only way to see improvement!

Remember: It’s a Process That Takes Time

So, can you rename a dog? Yes, and it’s also not very hard if you put your mind to it. As long as you remember that it’s a process that takes time, you don’t really have anything to worry about. Even more so, if you keep the above-mentioned tips and pieces of information in the back of your mind, you’ll already be off to a great start!

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