How to Introduce a Hyper Dog To a Kitten For The First Time

So you have a dog, it’s adorable and super energetic but felt that the family is missing something. One day you have an idea, you go out and buy a little kitty. On the way back you realize that you still have a dog and you have no idea how to introduce a hyper dog to a kitten and now you are worried about how things will turn out. Dogs are very territorial after all. It would be easier if you would have a small puppy but full grown dogs are another matter, you don’t know how they will react.

Marginally bigger dog sniffing a small scared but curious little kitten

Even worse, you already made the introductions and your dog can’t stop growling at your kitten and she is hiding somewhere because she is afraid. Are there any methods which can make this tension and super hassle-filled situation disappear? Fortunately, there are answers to every question. Hyper dogs need some extra care before you introduce them to something as fragile as a kitten.

When you are introducing your hyper dog to your kitten, you must be aware of a few things so you can avoid anything bad happening. It includes points like:

How to Introduce a Hyper Dog To a Kitten essential points:

  • Make sure that your dog listens to you. Don’t let the dog meet your cat if you find that there are communication issues between you and your dog.
  • He should respect you and every decision you make including bringing home a new companion, be it a new cat or dog.
  • Also introducing a kitten on a young age is much better as she has zero or no experience with other animals so there aren’t reasons to fear meeting a dog, on the contrary, she will be curious since cats are that way in nature.
  • Create space based on how they both like each other and don’t mix up their stuff. They both need their own separate space room. So make sure that you take care of everything. If you’re living in an apartment and have less space, make sure to choose some area where the dog doesn’t have access.  It’s a perfect spot for your kitten to stay.

Methods You Can Use To Introduce an Energetic Dog To A Kitty

Introducing a hyper dog to a kitten is no doubt a stressful and sensible situation, and also you should be on high alert so you can avoid any kind of issues as soon as they arise. This means that you should be an active observer of how they interact and tactfully manipulate the situation to bring about the peace you want between them. The written steps below will aid you in the process:

1. Tabletop Method

Make sure to put your cute kitten in a small crate for safety before you introduce it to your dog

Before the meeting starts, get a leash for your dog and also be sure that he is tied well. Secondly, get a crate and put your kitten in there. Make sure to praise your dog so he doesn’t get anything wrong. Once you are done, bring the kitty and make her see the dog. But don’t let them too close.

Let them observe each other. However, if you feel that someone is feeling shy or intimated, repeat the whole method again. Next, after they seem like they became comfortable, do it with the leash on your dog only and close the distance a bit. If you feel that they are going along well enough then unleash the dog but stay alert the whole time. Once they are comfortable and relaxed around themselves, its a green light for you.

2. Dinner For Two Method

With this method, you are using the fact that your dog loves to eat. Here you set the dog and cat feeding opposite to each other, you also put the cat in a box and the dog on a leash. This method is used more to find out if they are comfortable staying under the same roof or not.

3. Prepare For The Official Introduction

Well, the third step is important as you are going to leave both pets in each other’s company officially. Also, it’s time to set some rules and make a few things very clear to them.  Along with that, they should know that now you three are family and they should get along.

It’s important for you to make sure that their attention is redirected for a few days after you introduce them to each other. You can get some toys for your kitten but also spend time with the dog so they can focus on you. Don’t encourage any behavior which is unacceptable.

If your dog tries to jump or harm the kitten, block him but use your knees for that. It will show your dominance and also he will understand that the kitten belongs to you. It’s not a toy to jump or do anything to. Consider doing a few exercises with your dog before introducing them so that he will be tired making things more easier to manage.

Tips That Will Make The Introduction Of Your Dog To Your Kitten a Lot More Easier

Keep Them Separate For a Few Days at Least

It's best to keep your cat and dog separated by something for a few days

When you bring your kitten, make sure you don’t introduce it to your dog right away the little ball of fur is already stressed and needs some time to settle down. The whole surroundings are new, and it will take some time for it to become familiar with things. For a few days, let her go through things and roam the areas.

Make sure that she is feeling comfortable with you and that she trusts and follows your indications.

How long does it take for a dog to accept a kitten?

For your hyper dog, don’t let him get in contact with the kitten directly as it can trigger his aggressive behavior. Let him stay far away and keep an eye on how things are evolving. Keeping both apart for a few days will make them get comfortable with each other before the initial contact because of the sniffing that will happen which takes me to the next step.

Let Them Do A Lot of Sniffing

Before you introduce the kitten to your dog, it’s important to make him understand and get familiar with the new scent. By doing this and observing you will also know beforehand if the dog is feeling aggressive or he is fine with the kitty’s scent. If he doesn’t seem bothered and looks interested, then your next step will be easy. If not then you are going to have more patience and let him sniff until he gets more familiar with the scent.

Small baby cat and large dog sniffing each other for the first time

Take things slowly, be very smart and careful, you already know that your dog is nervous about the situation. Once they become more comfortable each other smell they will be ready to meet and sniff face to face. However, keep a leash on the dog, precautions are always a good idea. Don’t hold the cat either as you can get scratch if she becomes frightened. It’s very unlikely, actually 0 chances that your kitten will attack the dog so keep your focus on holding the dog.

Teach The Dog to Control His Behavior

Take your dog with you and teach him a few words which will help him to control himself around the cat. Teach him how to react on simple words like ‘leave alone’ or ‘leave it’. It will help when you want them to stop doing something especially to leave the kitten alone. Dogs can be great as well as a protective friend of a kitten, but he should understand how to behave a small kitten that is fragile.

Big dog and cat receiving treats for behaving well

If everything is going according to your plan and your pets are getting along, then you must reward them. Choose what they like and encourage their behavior. It’s good for letting them know that they are doing the right things.

Well, there are chances of both getting into trouble and conflicts. To avoid such situations, become ready and take some important precautions which include:

  • Give Both Their Own Designated Areas: It doesn’t matter if they are going along or not, initially you must get separate areas for them. Build two corners with all the things that they want so that they have their own personal space. Also to avoiding any kind of conflicts, add a baby gate between them so they don’t cross the areas due to any reason.
  • Don’t Mix Their Feeding Area: Most of the time, the conflict starts when the dog tries to get the kitten‘s food. To avoid such conflicts, you better have two different areas where they can enjoy their food time in peace.
  • Don’t Put Pressure For Interactions: If they aren’t getting along, then don’t force it. You can’t pressure them to be friends however be sure that they will not harm each other. Once you sent out a clear message that they should not harm each other, let them do their own work on how they want their relationship to be.


I hope that you learned by now how to introduce a hyper dog to a kitten or at least have a good idea on how you should go about it. With careful planning it can be possible, that’s why I recommend people to take it slow. It’s not easy for two different animals to get along together on the first try.

Also, you must ensure their safety and have a good idea of how they will be cooperating together before you leave them alone. I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on the article in the comments below. Don’t forget to share it and let other people know about it too!

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