The Farmer’s Dog Food Review and Analysis

I was skeptical when I first heard of The Farmer’s Dog food. Their pros were too good to be true, but after seeing so many pleasant reviews, I thought it was about time I tried them out. Here is The Farmer’s Dog food review where I’ll go over my personal and my dog Roxy’s experience with this food.

Farmer’s Dog Food Facts

1.The Farmer’s Dog food has a motto, “Guided by science, and driven by love,” and that couldn’t be truer. Their food is fresh with many recipes to fit your doggie’s preferences.

They also take measures to exceed the typical AAFCO protocol. They also claim that their product is great for dogs with digestive issues since it significantly helped the company owner’s dog too.

2. Even though I noticed that there are many positive user’s comments like these two: MJ’s mom says: “MJ has been loving the Farmer’s Dog food for two years. She is going on 14 years old.” Vet’s comment last visit: “She looks perfect, excellent weight, waist definition, and a beautiful coat!'”, I prefer to check the facts through my own experience.

3. I clicked on their website, and I noticed they have a 60% discount trial subscription. I further looked around their website, and they claimed to not have any preservatives, brown pelts, or label tricks. So, I decided to order my first box.

Farmer’s Dog Food Facts

My Personal Experience

1.As Roxy has a sensitive stomach and refuses to eat any dry dog food, I had to cook food for Roxy all the time. It is not just time consuming, but expensive as well. Besides, without knowing the proper nutritional recipes, it is challenging to provide your dog all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

2.I had a few questions about the subscription program, but ultimately, I was very impressed with what they offered. With their straightforward procedures my concerns melted away.

3. They asked all these questions about Roxy: weight, age, breed, health conditions, and other similar questions.

My Personal Experience with Farmer's Dog 1

4.Their cost was just right with the starting price of 2 dollars per meal plus free shipping. Their planning was excellent too.

5.My wallet appreciated the reasonable prices, added discounts, and free shipping. And my inner dog parent also appreciated how much they care about my dog’s health.

Roxy's Farmer's Dog Plan

They have a customized plan that combines the age, ideal weight goal, activity levels, and other sensitivities of any dog to produce the best food for them. Considering Roxy has digestive issues, the new food should greatly improve her diet.

6. Food was delivered completely frozen. So, if you are not home, the Farmer’s Dog box will be left by your front door. The food should be fine even if you pick it up a few hours later.

However, remember that it can spoil if you leave it out for too long. You need to refrigerate it, or else it will go bad, and it may not be the best option if your train your dog with treats. These drawbacks all connect to it being fresh food, which is what ironically makes it unique.

Farmer's Dog Food Box By Your Door

My Dog  Roxy’s Experience

1. My dog, Roxy, is a very picky eater. She has a tough relationship with food, which is why she often struggles with digestive issues. Anything out of her normal diet can make her vomit and feel sick.

However, when I started her on the Farmer’s food diet, her appetite changed significantly. She prefers eating during the second part of day and sleeping in almost all morning.

2.So, her mealtime is around 4 pm and 9 pm, and she now starts whining for food around 3! I certainly wasn’t expecting such a sudden change from this meal plan.

Roxy is eating Farmer's Dog Food

3.Another significant change was her activity. She used to be sluggish after eating, and I used to think it was because her full tummy made her lazy. But that wasn’t true at all. She actually jumps, barks, and gets excited more often now that she is on The Farmer’s diet.

4.After eating fresh food, her stomach and immune system recover much faster. I also noticed that after her Vet visits they were less traumatic to her and she seemed to recover much faster and easier afterwards.

Witnessing the positive outcome through physical and behavioral changes, I switched from a trial to a full-time subscription.

The Farmer’s Dog Food

#1 Recommended Choice

  • All natural ingredients were used.
  • It is delivered directly to your house.
  • Can significantly improve your dog’s health.
  • It has an option to order less if you would like to mix it with kibble.

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The Farmer's Dog Review

Farmer’s Dog Food Analysis

Their analysis is impressive, to say the least. Their recipes and ingredients are all-natural and fit for a dog’s optimal health. Because of their incredible variety, they have an option for every dog, and their preferred food makes them more likely to eat with enthusiasm.

Their four recipes include:


Roxy's Beef

The Farmer’s Dog’s beef recipe has one of the highest protein levels in their product line. It is highly recommended by dog owners and subsequently is a top pick. It includes 3 fatty acids for better joint health, fish oils, a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Its ingredients include beef, cooked lentils, beef liver, carrots, and sweet potatoes.


Roxy's Turkey

Their turkey recipe has exceptional nutrient balance. And while this recipe has the lowest meat protein, it still exhibits an impressive amount of fat-to-protein ratio. The company recommends this with confidence.

Turkey recipes contain carrots, chickpeas, broccoli, turkey, and spinach.


Roxy's Checken

Chicken Recipe has the highest protein content compared to all Farmer’s products with zero legumes. It also has an organic zinc compound and two different chelated minerals. It is also the company’s most favored recipe.

It contains chicken, broccoli, chicken liver, Brussel sprouts, and Bok‐choy cabbage.


Roxy's Pork

The pork recipe has 100% authentic animal protein from pork liver and fresh pork. The recipe is rich in omega-3 fish oil for excellent heart health and a smoother fur coat.

The ingredients used in this include pork, potato, green beans, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower.

Their variety, veterinarians, and consideration and love for your dog make them different from other brands out there. After being a loyal customer, I know I can entrust my Roxy’s well-being to them.  


  1. All natural ingredients were used.
  2. It is delivered directly to your house.
  3. Can significantly improve your dog’s health.
  4. Works for dogs with sensitive digestive system.
  5. It contains all necessary vitamins and minerals for your dog.
  6. It has an option to order less if you would like to mix it with kibble.


  1. Not cheap, especially for a big size dog.
  2. It can spoil if you leave it out for too long.
  3. It must be refrigerated and used within 4 days of defrosting.
  4. Might take some time for your dog to adjust to his new food.

FAQs about the Farmer’s Dog Food

Yes, you can mix fresh dog food with kibble. When transitioning to fresh food, it’s recommended to mix a portion with kibble.

How much is the Farmer’s dog per week?

The pricing for these varies depending on your dog’s size and appetite. With a trial deal, your price could be $2.33 per day. For you second order, the average cost for a 25 lb dog would be $ 3.88 per day. But Farmer’s site has a very good option allowing you to order less if you would like to mix it with kibble or more if your dog needs it.

How do I feed my dog Farmer’s dog food?

You may feed the dog whichever way is convenient and works best for your dog.

Can you mix The Farmer’s Dog food with kibble?

The Farmer’s Dog Food Review Conclusion


I would say that Farmer’s dog food might not be for everyone, because it costs more than kibble food. But for all dogs especially with sensitive stomachs and other health issues, it is essential to eat a good quality fresh food. Doing that you are not only preventing many dogs’ health problems and high vet bills, but also significantly increasing their life quality and expectancy.

Concluding my review would be to say I was happy with the result, and if you’re a struggling dog owner, you can try it too.

Farmer’s dog trial deal gives you a very good opportunity to check if it will work for you and your doggy.

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The Farmer’s Dog Food

#1 Recommended Choice

  • All natural ingredients were used.
  • It is delivered directly to your house.
  • Can significantly improve your dog’s health.
  • It has an option to order less if you would like to mix it with kibble.

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

The Farmer's Dog Review

We believe that other dog owners will appreciate and benefit from Farmer’s dog food.

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