Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo Review And Analysis

You probably keep your dog very clean all the time and make sure that you use the right thing for your pup, that’s why you arrived at this Fresh N Clean dog shampoo review. As we will see later in this article it is indeed an organic product but how good is it? Or is it even good?

Even when you are careful to keep your dog clean, there are times when you leave your door open and your dog runs towards the grass and comes back covered in dirt and mud. This can cause hair roughness and itching which in turn will leave your dog scratching and uncomfortable. Sometimes you can’t keep your dog from going outside or getting dirty all the times.

Something to Consider Before Buying Dog Shampoo

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Over the past years, it was observed that a huge number of dogs died because of various diseases mostly cancer and more than 90% of dogs had this serious issue because of the different types of grooming products like shampoo that were used to make them look good but unfortunately at the expense of their health. The item that was used the most was shampoo.

There are many kinds of shampoos like soothing, anti-lice and perfumed ones, and most are prepared by using various chemicals and artificial elements to add color, fragrances, and different characteristics. In some products sulfate and alcohols are also used which have been proved to be harmful to dogs. Few shampoos are made organically. Shampoos that are made using chemicals should be avoided as much as one can.

Fresh n Clean Dog Shampoo Analysis

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I will start out this Fresh N Clean dog shampoo review by saying straight out of the bat that this dog shampoo is one of the best choices that one can opt for washing their dog. Here’s why! It is made up of materials that are totally organic. This means that there are no harmful substances used in the making of this product.

These materials can sometimes contain oil extracts like Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive and Oatmeal Glyceride, etc. which are very beneficial to any dog’s skin and also do wonders on an aesthetic level.

This shampoo was specially made by taking into consideration the sensitive dog skins but this shampoo can be used on dogs with any type of skin. Artificially made every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, we will talk about its disadvantages in a short bit.

Features & Benefits

Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo is a certified organic product made by the brand Fresh N Clean. It has been demonstrated to be very effective on dogs with sensitive skin and is one of the highest rated shampoos out there. It has even been certified to meet organic food standards which are very few that can say that.

Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo offers great moisturizing qualities and contains all the natural oils that are essential for maintaining a smooth and silky fur for your dog. It is one of the best safe and natural products that you can use for your dog.

This is a paraben free dog shampoo so it is safe for their skin

This shampoo especially guarantees not to contain any harmful ingredients like: artificial fragrance, color, parabens, alcohol, and sulfates. This is a 100% natural product. The key ingredients are: Oil extracts from Aloe Vera, Coconut, Olive, Organic Oatmeal Glyceride, Jojoba, and Lavender.

The Olive oil, Jojoba oil, and the Coconut oil help in keeping the skin and coat of your dog well moisturized. The shampoo also contains Vitamin E which keeps the skin healthy. Aloe Vera reduces itching problems and dry skin issues. Lavender oil mitigates flea problems.

Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo has a natural and refreshing smell. You will experience a natural fragrance in the air rather than the stinky smell of different chemicals that are used in bad shampoos. Its flower fragrance will make you feel like you are sitting in a garden with blooming flowers.

The Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo is not as thick as other shampoos because it is free of sulfates. Other shampoos contain sulfates, which are used for increasing the efficiency of the non-organic ingredients used in the production of the shampoo. As it is free from sulfates the risk of cancer is greatly reduced because sulfates are the major cause for different types of cancer.

Owner drying Golden Retriever after a wash

You will find it enjoyable to give a bath to your dog with this shampoo. It has a pleasant smell, but that’s not all. It’ll also take care of your dog’s coat. It can be easily applied to pets of all ages whether they are little or old.

A good thing to know about this shampoo is that is very suited for Siberian Huskies. This highly intelligent dog breed is very easy to take care of. The only issue with Siberian Huskies is that they have a double coat that requires daily brushing which in turn requires baths.

Many people are scared of using the wrong product on this breed because of their sensitivity. These are sled dogs that are used to low temperatures. Their body needs special attention compared to other dog breeds.

Owner washing his pooch with a sponge in the bathroom

Fortunately, with the Fresh N Clean shampoo you can rest assured that baths are safe and your Huskies will be enjoying their baths as well. They won’t get irritated by fragrances or stickiness as it is easy to rinse off as compared to other shampoos.

This product is specially made for sensitive skins, and it’ll facilitate and decrease skin issues in dogs suffering particularly from eczema. This product contains a heap of natural moisturizers that softens the skin and also the coat.

Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo is one of the best choices of pet saloons and groomers as it softens the fur and makes it easier for them to stylize dogs.

  • Best choice for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Made with totally organic materials.
  • Can be rinsed off easily.
  • The product is very thin.
  • It is a bit expensive compared to other products.
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FAQs about Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo

  1. What should someone do when the shampoo comes in contact with the dog’s eyes?

When the shampoo comes in contact with the eyes then just simply rinse the eyes with plenty of water. Being totally organic and not containing any sulfur, it will not harm the eyes. There will be mild itching for a few moments but everything will be fine.

  1. As the Fresh N Clean dog shampoo is thin, will it be easy to wash off?

The product is thin because it contains organic oils and it free from chemicals that make the products to look thick. So there is no need to worry. A regular amount of this shampoo is enough for your husky or any other dog breed and will add very little to the overall costs of keeping a dog. The regular amount will give you plenty of leather.


Is fresh and clean dog shampoo safe?

The Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo is 100% organic and only contains organic ingredients and no other chemical additives. It also contains various types of oils and particularly helpful Aloe Vera oil, which is very effective in curing itching and also it will help reduce dry skin problems.

You can immediately see your dog relaxing as his itching alleviates after the first use, it was noticed that the effect is instantaneous.


The Fresh N Clean Dog Shampoo is best for dogs that have sensitive skin but it’s also a great option any other dog. This shampoo was found to be especially useful for Siberian Huskies which require great care due to their thick fur.

As one of the most important qualities outlined in this Fresh N Clean dog shampoo review it is purely natural and it has no side-effects and it will never have any. The reason is that it doesn’t have a single ingredient in it that is harmful, it is 100% purely organic. It is safe to be used on small puppies too.

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