Paul Mitchell Dog Shampoo Review And Analysis

Welcome to today’s Paul Mitchell dog shampoo review and analysis. Paul Mitchell’s shampoo is a botanical shampoo that is formulated for dogs with white and bright white or light-colored fur.

Its sweet almond fragrance enhances the beauty and imparts a wonderful and attractive look. The company is based in the USA and is famous for its amazing shampoos for humans. John Paul Pet products were created by the man himself John Paul DeJoria, he is also the co-founder and the CEO of the company.

This shampoo is designed to absorb odors which obviously all dogs have, and can’t be washed. This shampoo has a very good and long-lasting odor absorbing power and mild cleansing action.

Why Give Your Dog a Bath With Dog Shampoo And Not Just Any Kind Of Shampoo

Always carefully pick your dog grooming products for safety reasons

For the past few years, the bacteria that cause diseases in dogs have been growing to be immune as well. The dogs now need a proper bath with shampoos that give them better immunity against those bacteria to save them from grave illnesses. All this has led to the evolution in the chemistry of pet shampoos as well.

Paul Mitchell has introduced shampoos for different categories of dogs. The one presented here is formulated with Oatmeal and suits best dogs with sensitive skins. Dogs who get irritation and itches are suggested to use this shampoo.

It promotes healing and moisturizes dry and itchy skin with its oatmeal, Aloe Vera gel, and sweet almond oil.  It is designed for all dogs but also cats and any furry mammals small and large in size.

So let’s get into our Paul Mitchell dog shampoo review because that’s why we are here right?

Paul Mitchell Dog Shampoo Analysis

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1.The first major thing we will learn in this dog shampoo analysis is that its ingredients are organic and very gentle on your pet’s skin. This shampoo’s formula is not only safe for regular dogs but for small puppies too.

2.All your favorite and dearest pets will be odorless for a long time with the use of this shampoo. This shampoo was made to be suitable for any kind of breeds too. If you have a German shepherd, of a stock coat or long coat, this shampoo will serve its purpose to both breeds.

3.A funny and interesting thing about this shampoo is that it was tried and tested on humans first. Paul Mitchell Dog Shampoo claims that a lesser quantity of the product is used to thoroughly wash a dog compared to other competitor products.

4.Another thing to take into consideration is that it doesn’t have strong cleaners which could possibly cause dryness or itchiness later on your pets. It usually happens with shampoos with strong cleaning agents added in it. Such shampoos are especially not suitable for winters and cause flaky skin.

Small relaxed dog before a bath with shampoo

5.Its botanical formula is very refreshing. It feels like an herbal bath to your pets. If you’re a multi-pet keeper, you’d know the struggle of buying every pet a different shampoo. I’ve seen big racks of pet products in the house where many dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies live under the same roof.

6.Not just stocking but researching the right product, finding a specific product that would suit your pet’s skin is a difficult job in itself. With the Paul Mitchell shampoo it’s easy to keep different kinds of pets clean and odorless.

7.The added ‘Clean and Fresh’ deodorizer is the magic of this shampoo. It conditions the fur and adds luster to your pet’s coat. After using this shampoo your pet will not smell like it has just been perfumed to mask the odor, it was made to completely neutralize the odor from your pet and leave a natural mild botanical fragrance behind.

8.Paul Mitchell brand is a well established brand for humans and their products are made in the USA. They have also launched some useful pet products of a lower PH that is suited for them.

Person reading the label on a shampoo bottle before buying

Paul Mitchell Dog Shampoo Ingredients:

Five conditioning agents include aloe, chamomile, and pure oatmeal which moisturizes and soothes coats, sweet almond oil that gives a wonderful fragrance, water, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extraction, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Citric acid, Panthenol, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Nitrate and Hexyl Cinnamal.

Safety Warning: it must keep out of the range of children as well as preventing your dog from ingesting it. Like any shampoo massage into the fur by protecting the eyes and ears. Rinse well with cool, clear and soft water. Repeat the process for extra cleaning. Dry with a towel and then brush hair nicely.

PH: It has a balanced PH which distinguishes it from human shampoos and keeps dogs safe from irritation or itching. Acidic liquid things are harmful to a dog’s skin.

  • It includes natural moisturizers.
  • It has a natural botanical smell.
  • Cleans hairs without stripping natural oils
  • It come from a trusty reputable brand and dealer.
  • Ingredients are not ideal for dreadlocks.
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FAQs about Paul Mitchell Dog Shampoo

  1. Is this a tear-free product?

No, it’s not that kind of shampoo. It isn’t even written on the bottle. But neither does it burn your pet’s eyes in case of contact. They will have mild discomfort which can be eliminated by cleaning with a splash of clean water. However, Paul Mitchell has a tear-free shampoo for dog. You can check all information here about this tearless shampoo.

Is Paul Mitchell shampoo good for dogs?

Yes, it comes from a renowned brand of hair products. Many salons around the country use their products. It gives a silky and smooth hair.

  1. Can Paul Mitchell shampoo be used on kittens?

As mentioned within the description it can be used on kittens of any age.

  1. How is the scent of this shampoo?

The shampoo contains fragrance ingredients. It has a very fresh smell. All grooming products make use of Natural essentials oils for scent. Meaning, no synthetic fragrances are used. For the particular product featured in this Paul Mitchell dog shampoo review the following scents were chosen: Almond oil, Sweet pea fragrant oil & Rosemary oil.

  1. I have a creamy golden poodle that gets stains most of the time around his mouth. Would this product helpful in removing the stains?

This is the product with natural ingredients, no harsh peroxides or bleaching agents have been used in it. It will help remove the stains naturally and whiten the skin or hairs. Dog owners gave positive reviews about its stain removing. Just give it a try and look at the results.

  1. How do I clean my pet’s eyes while giving a bath?

You can clean your pet’s eyes by gently rubbing a damp sponge around them for optimal results and without causing them any irritation or discomfort.

Paul Mitchell Dog Shampoo Users’ Reviews

People rated it one of the most highly rated grooming products

1.JDub says that it works great to keep his puppy clean and his fur bright. A nice fragrance persists by using the John Paul Oatmeal conditioner also which keeps his puppy’s skin smooth and healthy.

2.Another person rated this product 5/5 and gave feedback as John Paul shampoo/conditioner/rinse is the best. It really helped him a lot to get out his puppy out from the bad smelling zone, it also seems that combing his hair became easier. The conditioner made his coat extra bright and shiny.

3.Customers have shown immense love and positive response by using this product. The shampoo can be bought along with a conditioner, Paul Mitchell makes pet conditioners too and by buying them in the form of a bundle which are available online you can even save some money.

4.Someone using it for their Yorkie and Chihuahua said that it worked great on both of them, he also continued to explain how amazing her experience with her purchase was for the fact that the pets remained odorless for a long time.

With these amazing results, the majority of its users want to stick to it for the rest of their life because they don’t want to change something that has already worked for them.

5.One person said that they love the shampoo because its cruelty-free and her pet smelled amazing after its use. He has a very active dog that spends most of the type outside and he gets all kind of smells. This shows that many people adore the original soft smell of this shampoo.

6.A good number of customers also expressed their satisfaction after using it on their grown-up dogs praising the shine in their coat after a bath and how convenient it was for them that little shampoo had to be used to give their heavy dogs a bath.

A Husky dog taking a shampoo bath at a saloon


Paul Mitchell is famous for its brand of products for humans. First, they launched shampoos for humans and after that they started working on products for pets. They keep the PH level of their shampoos high compared to human shampoos because pets skin are mostly favorable to alkaline shampoos. In other words, this shampoo is perfectly suited for pets.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this Paul Mitchell dog shampoo review and found it helpful. The majority of people that used this product rated it as the best option because it consists of natural ingredients and it is specially made for white fur puppies.

It will enhance their color and give them a glow. It enriches their grooming perspectives, especially by also using a Paul Mitchell conditioner along with the shampoo.

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