How Much Does a Husky Cost Per Month To Sustain

Wondering about how much does a husky cost per month to support? It is a mandatory question one should ask himself when they are planning on getting a husky dog anytime soon. You must know that the money you will spend when buying the dog is not all the money you will be putting on the table and that there are also, let’s call them recurring fees you will need to add to your total monthly budget spending. What might be good news is that husky dogs are not as expensive to sustain compared to other breeds.

However, there are some costs which you will inevitably invest in your husky dog throughout the month. Now you wonder how much that is going to be? Well, here you will have all your questions answered and every penny you can expect to spend laid out in order to sustain your husky pooch.

How much Does a Husky Dog Cost?

Definitely buying a husky dog is going to cost you, the very first investment you are going to make, well, of course, it’s on the husky dog you silly! It is usually around $850 on average. However, you can reach out to various pet centers, pet rescue departments and NGOs where you can find these Husky dogs at very low prices, sometimes even without any cost. Read more about husky prices in this article.

A bunch of cute cuddly puppies waiting for adoption in a blue dog bedYou can opt for adopting a siberian husky, it’s probably the cheapest and even a ‘no-cost’ way to get yourself this kind of breed and others. Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t find particular breeds like you do in pet stores. It’s more like a lottery and chances for you to find a Siberian husky specifically is very unlikely but it is possible. You can consider frequenting adoption places from time to time until you do find one, or until you get bored and decide to buy one eventually.

How Much Does a Siberian Husky Dog Cost Per Month to Sustain

And now, the cream of this article, how much does it cost to sustain a husky on a monthly basis? One of the most expensive and major things you’re going to spend money on is food. Always keep an eye on how much food you feed and be sure to exercise often with your dog so that he will stay fit and not become fat. Here are the different types of dog foods you are going to buy and how much they are going to cost you on a monthly basis.

Most of the monthly expenses will be on dog food and treats

Dry Dog Foods: First we must understand that costs can vary and depend upon the size and physicality of the dog. An average husky dog needs nearly 2 cups of dry dog food per day. You can expect to pay $35 per every 30-pound bag which is enough to feed an average dog for a month. If you go for the premium quality dry dog food, it’s going to cost around $60 to $70 per month. It’s good to buy quality food for him once in a while even if you want to stick with the low-end price tag.

Canned Dog Food:  Another option you can go for is canned dog food where the mid-range brand cans can cost you around $1.25/can. An average fluffy cute husky is going to eat two cans a day. So the average cost per month on mid-range brands will be $75 whereas premium-brand cans will reach $112 per month. You can also mix things up, half of his food portion dry and half canned.

Some dry dog food in a metal bowl waiting to be eaten by a pupDry and Canned Mix Dog Food: Some dog owners prefer to give a mix of dry and canned dog food, by following this middle path you will be feeding 1 cup of dry food and 1 portion of canned food (also called wet dog food). With this method you can expect to pay around $55 per month for mid-range brands and $81 for premium brands.

DIY Dog Food: You can go for DIY dog food, this option is going to cost according to the kind of ingredients you plan on using. This implies simple mixing of dog food with customized dried, canned or wet dog food ingredients.

You will add there other foods like vegetables, meat, ground beef, whole grain rice and green peas. You can find scrap meat at the supermarket freezer for cheap, chicken necks for example, they cost $0.75 per pound.

Opting for homemade DIY food should cost around $82 on average per month. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on what you plan on using. There are many recipes on the internet, use what suits you and also what your dog loves.

Costs For Veterinary Visits

Regular checkup done by a veterinarian on a siberian husky dogIn order to prevent major health issues you’ll have to make sure that your husky stays in good health and for that you are going to visit a vet regularly, at least once a year, twice once he gets older. You can expect around $250 for regular check-ups and minor problems. According to this factor, you can add around $12-$15 to the monthly costs. Vaccination, flea protection products and more will be needed too from time to time which I haven’t added to the costs since they aren’t regular happenings and are more like events.

Summing Up, How Much Does a Siberian Husky Dog Cost Per Month to Sustain

Let’s remove the cost of the husky dog which is around $800. To sustain a husky dog, you need to invest in their food, medical care and some other minor additional fees.  For dog food, you can count anything between $70 to $125 monthly with an average of $100 a month. For the vet, it will be about $15 monthly just for checks, no accidents counted to this number.

We covered pretty much everything. All in all, it should be anything around $115 per month with an additional $50 costs per year on toys and other expenditures like brush and shampoo. When it comes to how much does a husky cost per month to sustain remember that the cost can vary, but it will always be around this base figure each and every month. Even so, makes every penny worth it when you look at those beautiful winter blue eyes that husky dogs have.

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