Dog Exercises To Build Muscle Mass And Make Your Pup More Beefy

Just like real exercises for humans, dog exercises to build muscle follow the same ideology, scheduling workouts and make sure that they stay fit and healthy.  It’s also important to make the whole process fun so your dog finds it attractive and participates willingly.  If your dog is not getting along, then be patient and give him time. It is better to start training your dog as early as possible even as a pup but it’s never too late for older dogs, you’ll just have to work a little bit more until he will get used to it. Let’s jump into how to build muscle on a dog!

You are partners in the process, you should understand him as well as try to make him understand that exercise is good for him.  Eventually, he will cooperate, also switch things from time to time to make things more interesting, change the routine and even switch training spots.

Exercises For Dogs That Build Muscle Mass

It is true, selecting the right exercises is crucial if you want to build muscle on your dog, they should work all the core muscles but also in such a manner that muscle growth is taking place in the process. There are several exercises that you can pick depending on your dog’s preferences and what you (and him) feel comfortable doing.

1. The Spring Pole

Starting with the spring pole, one of the best exercises. The spring pole is simple, it just a spring and a rope. You can attach it on the branch of trees or a wood beam like it can be seen in the video underneath.

With the help of a spring pole, your dog basically does a tug of war with the rope.  Also, it’s simple and hassle-free for you as your involvement is not important there. It helps consume some of that excess energy that your dog might have in a constructive manner because this activity strengthens many core muscles. You can make a spring pole for cheap at home, there are videos on YouTube that show you how.

2. Do Fetch

Ah! The good old fashioned fetch game. Not only it’s a good way of enjoying yourselves but it’s also a great exercise in itself. It improves the stamina of your dog and strengthens the bond between you and him. This could make him more willing to try things that he doesn’t usually like that much. It helps in making your dog understand you more, follow your directives and stay focused.

Kids can also participate and help in training your dog to fetch.

3. Flirt Pole

Dog playing with his owner using a flirt pole that is good for exerciseIt helps your dog learn to controls his impulses by figuring out how timing works, but along with this it also gives him a really good workout too. Another good thing about this exercise is that it’s easy to do your part. Basically, all you have to do is drag whatever toy your dog loves and make him chase it as if you were out fishing but compared to fishing you make it hard for him to catch it.

4. Swimming

One of the greatest ways of building up muscle mass and confer a good workout is swimming. Undoubtedly it is a hard exercise that requires lots of stamina from your dog’s part but also solicits the muscle to such an extent that muscle growth is encouraged. Teach him how to bring the ball, get in the pool with him and start tossing a tennis ball around the pool. This exercise will really really work him good and the best part is that he will use all his muscles.

5. Walking

The holy grail of exercises. The most basic of basic exercise that not only makes your dog stay active but also has good health benefits for you since you’ll move your body along him. If there is a good park that allows dogs and you’re confident in his training you can even let him roam for free once you get there.

A dog owner exercising outdoors with his Beagle

Although this is not one of the greatest exercises when it comes to muscle building it is the “basic” that keeps the body in an active position avoiding stagnation that can cause muscle atrophy. In other words, this will maintain a good physique. If you do intend to go at the park remember to bring a frisbee with you.

Reasons Why Your Little Buddy Will Benefit From Exercise

Exercise is not just good for maintaining the health of your dog but also using their energy on the right things. If dogs energy isn’t used in a constructive manner they will end up doing things that will lead them or the owners into trouble. This reason alone should be enough to start putting your dog through an exercise routine, even so, here are a few more reasons why you will want to do that:

  • Doing exercises and workouts will alleviate or eliminate altogether any behaviors like excessive barking, hyperactivity, chewing things and digging.
  • It makes your dog limber, agile as well as keep him in good health and protected from diseases.
  • Will help him obtain a better digestion which will avoid problems like constipation.
  • It boosts up confidence in himself and trust values with his owner.
  • Your dog will sleep on time since they will be tired. No more barking during the night.
  • It keeps their weight balanced and make them look fit.

Tips That You Can Add To The Routine To Make Training More Efficient

The morning routine that the pup and his owner do every timeBuilding muscles mass and boosting the energy of your dog is one of the things that every owner wants for his dog. Here are some points that can give a boost and a better understanding of the whole process:

Ask the Vet First

Never introduce anything directly to your dog. Always! But Always! Consult with your veterinary. There are many valuable tips that you will hear from him, each dog breed is different. Ask the vet for exercise recommendations, what he thinks about what you’re planning to implement in your dog’s routine and what should be done to keep your pup active as well as healthy as possible.

Regularity is Must

Don’t drop days just because you feel tired or your dog doesn’t want to do it. Exercise needs to be regular and your dog should participate daily. It’s hard in the beginning but after a few months it will become routine for you but him as well. To make your dogo excited you can give him rewards or other things for encouragement.

Supplements For Covering up Nutrients

Some dog supplements and treats that will stimulate muscle growthNutrients are essential, your dog must eat in order to grow. If you find that there is something which is missing, then you can ask your vet to suggest some supplements which will help build your dog’s strength and mass. Dogs need protein too. Also, take all the precaution and be safe. Never supplement your dog with drugs and other BS.

Some Final Notes on How to Build Muscle on a Dog

After exercise and everything, make sure you give enough time for your dog to recover and rest. It’s important and also a basic rule if you want your dog to build muscle mass. Just doing dog exercises to build muscle won’t do, growth happens during rest days, not during the intense workouts. Choose the right exercises that he enjoys, utilize his energy, boost his health and stamina.

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