How to Deodorize a Dog at Home!

Dogs. They are man’s best friend. Loyal companions until the end of time! Though sometimes it seems like their smell lasts forever, too. I get it. We love our furry friends, but we can definitely do without the unpleasant odor that comes along with them. So the question is, how to deodorize a dog? Luckily, there is a simple, at-home method to keep the stench at bay, which means more welcome cuddles and happy bonding!

NOTE: Before we begin, let’s consider a few key points of information:

Like human hair, it is possible to over wash dog fur. Too much washing can easily lead to irritated skin and dull fur (because of the continual stripping of the natural, protective oils in the coat). Also, depending on the breed of dog and its daily routine and energy levels, you will need to find a balance on how often to offer baths.

For example, outdoor breeds like retrievers or herding dogs tend to have thicker coats than indoor breeds like terriers or poodles, which means they could use more frequent baths to ensure the buildup of sweat and oil is taken care of properly. Basically, more dirt or outdoor activity = more baths.

So How To Get Rid Of Your Dog’s Smell?

To make the deodorizing process run as smooth as possible, you will need a few items in your arsenal:

  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Towels
  • Blow dryer
  • Brush
  • Nail trimmers
  • Deodorizing spray or powder
  • A tub or washing station (for large breeds, this may mean using your child’s plastic swimming pool. Sorry, kids!)

NOTE: When thinking about how to deodorize a dog you might forget to take into consideration Be sure to research various shampoos and conditioners. Many cheap brands will have too many filler ingredients that may be too harsh on a dog’s skin. This can lead to irritation and potential skin infections which will result in a large vet bill if left untreated properly. Save yourself the hassle and invest in a proper, well-reviewed dog shampoo and conditioner from the very beginning!

Follow These 5 Steps to Get Rid Of Your Dog’s Odor:

1. Brush the fur!

The first step in learning how to deodorize a dog is brushing. Brushing the fur before you do anything else will be a sanity saver! Not only are you eliminating unwanted tangles, you are also loosening up dirt and hidden debris deep within the fur so it makes it easier to wash away. Use smooth, deliberate strokes. Tugging too hard on the fur can become uncomfortable for your dog and they may start to get fidgety and try to get away.

Take your time use a comforting tone when handling your dog. This will create a relaxed environment and will put everyone at ease before the washing process begins. OH! I should also mention that this is the perfect time to close your door (if using an indoor bath) or harness your dog (if using an outdoor bathing method) to prevent Fido from running off suddenly, especially if they have made that a habit once they hear running water.

2. Prepare the Bath/Wet your Pet

Don’t fill the tub with water. This method is too messy, time-consuming, and you don’t want to wash your dog in dirty water. Instead, place your dog in the empty tub and use a shower attachment to saturate the fur. You want to make sure the water you use is neither too hot or too cold. If you are using water from the watering hose outside, try to be quick as you don’t want the water to make your dog too chilly or uncomfortable.

Also, might I suggest you avoid outdoor baths during the winter? Please don’t make your dog sick. If you have a large breed, see if they can possibly fit in an indoor tub or research local groomers who can bathe your dog during the cold season.

3. Scrub-a-dub-dub!

Following the instructions of your shampoo and conditioner, thoroughly (and gently!) scrub your dog’s fur to get rid of any loose dirt and grime. Be sure to be careful around the eye area and their genitals as you don’t want to cause irritation. Many dogs don’t enjoy their feet being messed with, so when you clean their paws, be sure to use a gentle hand and calm voice.

4. Rinse and Dry

Using the shower attachment, thoroughly rinse your dog’s fur. Be sure no soapy residue is left over to prevent irritation. Remove your dog from the washing station and gently soak and buff away as much water from the coat as possible with towels. Using towels before a blow dryer will make the drying process go much faster! To avoid burns, use a medium heat setting on your blow dryer and keep the air flow moving along their fur rather than keeping it on one area of the body for too long. You can use a brush and even your fingers to make sure the air is distributed evenly throughout the fur.

5. Brush and Trim

Now that your dog is clean and dry, you can take this time to brush out any residual tangles and smooth the fur. You can also use nail trimmers (find a tool that is made specifically for dogs!) and trim the nails to an appropriate and comfortable length. It is best to trim your dog’s nails after a bath because the warm water softens the nails which makes them easier to clip. Be careful during this process! You don’t want to cut the nails too short into the quick and cause injury to your dogs nails.

This is an easy-to-follow method for keeping your dog smelling fresh and clean!

But what if you have a pet that gets smelly between bath times?

Luckily there’s a solution! Remember the deodorizing spray or powder we mentioned earlier? This stuff is great to use as it will keep your dog’s coat smelling fresh while you get to keep your dog’s bathing schedule on track. Again, be sure to research a good quality brand so you aren’t covering your dog’s fur with unnecessary perfumes and irritants.

And, just like that, you learned how to deodorize a dog and after following the steps you will have a dog you can cuddle and play with all day long without worrying about any lingering smell in your home! What items and tricks do you enjoy using when cleaning your dog? I would love to know! How do you Deodorize your Dog at Home?

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