John Paul Dog Shampoo Review

You probably might have heard of John Paul shampoo for humans and now you found out that it makes shampoo for pets too. You are looking for a John Paul dog shampoo review to see if it is suited for your dog. Dogs are our best friends. Cuddling and hugging them is one thing that we enjoy the most.

We sit with them and have the best cozy time. It would be normal to look for the best shampoo when it comes to cleanliness. Also, dogs love playing with bubbles just like kids and you probably like watching them so you look for a bubbly one too.

A clean dog inside a home sitting comfortably on a couch

If you own a dog and you let him inside which is very probable you might want to spend some time to find a good shampoo for your pup. In between hundreds of shampoos, you must know which one is a good fit. You can determine this by reading the label and finding out what ingredients and what benefits a specific shampoo has.

Spend money on things that are really worth it. Trying things randomly can and will damage your dog’s skin. Using bad shampoo results in dandruff and rashes. Be kind to your dogs, love them, cuddle them but never forget to clean them.

How John Paul Shampoo For Dogs Came Into Being

John Paul is the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell systems. He started researching in all about pet hair and their hygiene. This led him to start the shampoo line for pets following with conditioner and wipes too. He has always had this soft side towards pets and so he invented products that address them.

John Paul Dog Shampoo Analysis

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Owner handling dog shampoo with proper care when washing his dog

John Paul dog shampoo is used just like any other pet shampoo, we must calmly massage a little into the dog’s fur, except the ears and the eyes because these are the two sensitive areas of the face we must pay special attention not to contaminate with shampoo. Then rinse the shampoo with cool water, taking out the shampoo politely. Use a towel to dry the body.

One can protect the dog’s face from letting the shampoo getting into the eye by applying a little amount of petroleum jelly around the dog’s eyes and insert cotton balls in their ears so that no shampoo goes inside.

Features & Benefits of John Paul Dog Shampoo

1.One main thing to note is that it uses botanical ingredients, it moisturizes and soothes dry skin while refreshing it. Its moisturizing qualities will save your dog from scratching continuously because that would lead to rashes on his body.

2.Gives a great shine to your dog’s fur. Produces better and healthy hair. The main feature of this shampoo is that it helps reduce the number of ticks and even removes some of them. Improves healing of the skin. Good when the dog is suffering from dandruff issues, this is a huge issue many dogs face. A little bit of it will hugely help.

Shining clean labrador with his owner inside the house

3.Keeps the paws free from dryness and eventually, the nails will stay good and fresh too. John Paul pet shampoo is even good for the sensitive skin. Releases strain from hotspots. Also, it is an aid for killing fleas, at least keeping them away, it is best to use a secondary product to address flea issues and not rely only on a shampoo.

4.Aloe is a great ingredient that helps moisturize hair but it isn’t used just in human products, there are also dog shampoos that have Aloe and do an amazing job at keeping that fur healthy. This shampoo consists of Aloe Vera, hydrolyzed oat protein, and chamomile. It cleanses the dog’s skin without irritation.

These ingredients gently sanitize and purify the skin while pacifying dry skin. Also has vitamin E in it, citric acid, magnesium chloride, water, sodium chloride, magnesium nitrate, cocamide, fragrance and a lot more.

5.The shampoo also has sweet almond in it which produces an amazing smell. The shampoo is very good for dogs as the PH is nicely balanced and suited specifically for their skin.

It is concentrated so you won’t have to use as much and it is also available in a gallon size so if you have multiple dogs or a big dog you can get more for less as larger quantities are always cheaper than buying the same quantity in smaller units.

  • No detergents.
  • Soothes the skin from dryness, itchiness, pain.
  • It is thick so you use a lesser amount of it to wash compared to other shampoos.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Makes the skin smooth and soft.
  • Adds highlights to the fur which are dark in color.

  • Does not suit all types of skins.
  • Can appear harsh on few dogs skin.
  • Not sure that it tears free shampoo or not.

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FAQs about John Paul Dog Shampoo

How will John Paul shampoo make the skin better?

It moisturizes the skin. Many a time the skin and fur start itching due to dandruff and this shampoo solves these skin issues. It gives the skin a better and vibrant color due to the vitamins it contains. I didn’t find any allergy reports from people.

  1. Is this John Paul dog shampoo expensive?

Compared to other shampoos and the quantity it gives it is a more expensive washing solution. Still, you must always consider what you get first rather than looking at the price. When the benefits are matching the price tag it is worth every penny and people do say that it’s worth it.

  1. Do you recommend John Paul shampoo? If yes, why?

The funny thing about this shampoo is that it was first tested on humans not the other way around to make sure that it is safe for dogs. The fragrance is not strong, so even dogs will enjoy it. There are no ingredients which could harm your dog. Just make sure you keep it away from their eyes or ears.


I hope you enjoyed reading this John Paul dog shampoo review. It guarantees to clean all the dirt from your dog. Full with minerals and vitamins it will strengthen the fur hair and keep your dog’s skin healthy. Thanks to its formula based on Aloe Vera it will also moisturize the skin and by doing so eliminate or at least alleviate any dandruff and dry skin issues. With the right pH level and tested before market release, it is safe to be used on dogs.

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