Leaving a Puppy Alone At Home For The First Time Advice

It’s scary leaving a puppy alone at home for the first time.  There are so many things that could happen that you can’t help but worry about letting your little dog alone. But it’s ok, by knowing what you should do before going out and letting your dog stay at home you will leave with peace of mind knowing that everything was taken care of. It will keep your little friend protected, but also you can enjoy your day too.

What To Do If You Are Leaving a Small Dog Alone At Home For The First Time

If you are leaving a puppy alone at home for the first time, you should be prepared and also teach your dog get used to it. For the first timers, here is everything that you must know and do.

Spend Quality Time With Your Little Friend

When you bring a puppy, you need more and more time to spend with him. When your pup is young, he mostly feels anxious, sometimes they even feel terrified.  Make the pup comfortable and let him understand that you as well as your house are not harmful.

Make Sure You Cover Whatever His Basic Needs Are

When you are leaving your house, be sure that you have covered all the things that your pup need. Leave him with enough food at his disposal and water in the place where he will stay. Make sure that there’s nothing around him that could prove harmful, nothing too pointy or sharp for example.

Get a Dog Bed That Is Comfortable

Adorable little dog that is laying comfortably in a small pet bed.

The bed should be simple yet very comfortable. Not only take care of the place where he will rest but also make sure that the pup can also sleep well. When you are not home, it is very likely that your pup will get some complete rest.

Bring Chewy Toys For Your Pup

Here is one thing about puppies, he is not going to leave his chewing habit to soon. That’s why you need to get some toys which he can chew without harming him. When you are not at home, he will chew his toys instead of other household things.

A cute little dog chewing on a toy.

Set Frozen Treats

If you have a young pup, you are going to need treats to encourage him, bring up his mood with a treat and make him happy. However, make sure you don’t spoil your pup with too many treats. Make sure you use them sparingly and dedicate specific times for those treats so that he will look forward to them.

Use a Pet Gate

You can use a pet gate or playpen in order to restrict access for your dog in some areas of the house.  It will protect your pup when you are not with him and also keep him far from things which can harm him. Not just that, it is also good if he is not that familiar with the house this way he won’t feel lost in a big space but rather confortable in a small comfort zone.

A small chihuahua surrounded by a toy fence

Puppy-proof Your Place

It’s the most vital thing, don’t leave your house without making sure that your house is covered enough and a guarantee that your little friend is safe left alone. Here are a few things that you should take care of:

  • Cover the cable as well as power outlets
  • Hide things which are poisonous
  • Don’t leave medicine at bay
  • Use cord protectors
  • Get a trash can that is dog proof
  • Clean your house
  • Let the lights on if you’re leaving at night

Dogs, especially puppies, are afraid of the dark so make sure they can see when you leave them alone at home. So if you are going out and leaving your pup behind, remember, keep the lights on. It will help your dog see and don’t get hit.  Also, you can opt for the lamps if you don’t want too much light, it should be just enough light that will permit him to find his way around.

Cut The Noise From Outside

Sleeping doggy wearing noise cancelling headphones.

Cut the noises that are coming from outside.  It can be very scary for your dog especially for the pup to stay in a place where they continuously hear car honking, loud people and music. If you are going out, make sure that such sounds are limited by closing windows or keeping your puppy in a more calm room.

Leave Him Have Some Of Your Clothes

Your puppy can feel afraid and worry if he doesn’t see you that’s why you should leave some of your clothes with him. They have your scent, feeling your scent will help your dog feel more calm and relaxed. It will give him a similar feeling as if you were there.

Now You Are Ready To Leave Your Pup Alone At Home

Well, leaving a puppy alone at home for the first time is not something owners really like doing. But to avoid any kind of accidents or issues, keep your house protected enough so the pup can enjoy his time and you can enjoy yours. Do so by following the tips above.

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