Paws And Pals Shampoo Review And Analysis

You arrived at an in depth Paws and Pals shampoo review and analysis. Dogs are humans best friend as the saying goes. They have been with us human from long known beginnings and proved to be the most loyal animal on the planet Earth. Man has also been depending on dogs for several purposes like sniffing drugs, guiding blind people, herding sheep and traveling on snow.

It would make sense for us to return the favor and take proper care of them. This includes grooming. Dogs with thick furs require much care. They also have sensitive skins. A dog is a dog and you can’t keep them away from dirt for too long, but you can surely do something about cleaning them. Since this isn’t an easy task we strive to make things simpler for us by using whatever is available to ease the job.

Things to Consider Before Buying Dog Shampoo

Over the last years studies have shown that the vast majority of dog deaths is due to cancer and other studies have shown that there are grooming products that can cause cancer. This means that we must pay extra careful attention when taking care of our dogs and picking a shampoo.

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Most grooming products are made using various materials that are sometimes organic and other times chemical. Products having a more chemical composition can cause various type of infections to the skins and in some rare cases with prolonged use even cause cancer.

On the other hand, shampoos made from organic materials do no harm, some containing healthy oils which are even useful and help in promoting good health. It is always best to read labels and see if there are any chemicals present in any shampoo. As we will discover in this Paws and Pals shampoo review there are organic and more natural options that are more preferred.

Paws And Pals Shampoo Analysis

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Paws And Pals Shampoo is one of the finest choices available for giving your dogs a bath worry free without concerns for harmful chemicals. It is made up using various organic materials that have no side effects on the skin or even on the fur of your dog. Most of the materials used in the making of this shampoo are oil extracts from various plants like Aloe Vera, Coconuts, Olives, Lavender and Oatmeal Glycerides.

Features & Benefits

1.The first major thing to note in our Paws and Pals shampoo review is that this is a fully certified organic product. It has been approved after many tests and it meets all the requirements that were needed for it to be considered a completely organic product. This is a huge plus considering that most of today’s products are composed of ingredients that nobody can even spell right let alone understand what they are.

Dog outside with a soft fur after a wash with a proper shampoo

2.Paws And Pals shampoo moisturizes, softens and gives a smooth touch to your dog’s fur, it even protects and enhances the coat’s looks. Containing Lavender it even helps against fleas and lice and it’s Aloe Vera composition takes care of itching problems.

3.The shampoo has a refreshing and natural perfume. You will feel closer to nature due to the soft and mild fragrances rather than the hard and intense smell of added chemicals that a normal shampoo has.

4.Paws And Pals Shampoo isn’t as thick as other shampoos. The reason is that there are no sulfates present in it. Other shampoos might or might not contain sulfates which makes the shampoo thicker. Being free from sulfates the risk of cancers is greatly reduced because it is one of the major cause of cancer.

4.Siberian Huskies are a well known dog breed that survive in the coldest areas of the world. The best feature of Paws And Pals Shampoo is that it is very suited for Siberian Huskies.

This is a very smart dog breed which goes along with other animals and is amazingly easy to take care of. The only issue of this dog breed is that they have a double coat and needs to be brushed regularly.

Sitting in a white background is a joyful siberian husky with great fur characteristics

5.Many people are unsure about what product to use for this breed due to their sensitivity. These are sled dogs that are used to hard environments. But despite that fact they require extra care for their skin.

6.However, after using Paws and Pals Shampoo, your Huskies would be enjoying their bathtub more often. They won’t get irritated and the fragrances of the shampoo will leave a mild herbal smell that won’t affect your Husky’s smell ability.

7.This product is specially created for sensitive skins and it’ll decrease skin problems with dogs significantly. This product contains a collection of natural moisturizers made up of various types of oils that soften the skin and saves the coat. It’s also easily rinsed with water.

8.Most of the things utilized in the producing of Paws and Pals Shampoo are extracted from plants this means it is fully natural so safe for your dog’s health and skin. It’s produced in the United States of America by following all the desired market standards and is delivered throughout the whole world.

Paws And Pals Shampoo is one of the top selections of pet saloons as it softens the fur and adds a natural shine.

  • Best choice for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Made with totally organic materials.
  • Can be rinsed off easily.
  • The product is very thin.
  • It might be a bit expensive compared to other products.
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FAQs about Paws And Pals Shampoo

  1. Is it harmful if the shampoo gets into the dog’s eye?

No, it is not. When the shampoo comes in contact with the eyes then just simply rinse the eyes with water. Being fully organic it will not harm the eyes. There will be a mild itching for a few moments then it will be ok afterward.

  1. As Paws and Pals Shampoo is thin, will it be easy to wash off?

Reason of it being thin as compared to other products is that it contains organic oils and it free from chemicals that usually make the product look thick. Paws and Pals shampoo is easy to wash off.

Are Paws and Pals good for dogs?

The Paws and Pals Shampoo contains Aloe Vera extract that has been proven to be very helpful in treating itching problems. Paws and Pals Signs of itching release can be seen after the first use. Paws And Pals shampoo moisturizes, softens and gives a smooth touch to your dog’s fur, it even protects and enhances the coat’s looks.

  1. Paws and Pals Shampoo contains Lavender and other essential oil, why is that?

The Lavender oil used in Paws and Pals Shampoo will not cause any allergy to your dog and will keep fleas at a distance. It won’t allow the skin to dry up thanks to its Aloe Vera extract. The other essential oils in the shampoo will make sure to keep the skin of your dog moisturized.


To sum up this Paws and Pals shampoo review in a few words the first thing to take is that this is a completely organic product and it’s perfect for the dogs that have sensitive skins. Siberian Huskies are one perfect example. Huskies will enjoy baths with this shampoo, it makes bubbles and leaves them perfumed, lather and rinsing are easy to do and it will help make the bath a more enjoyable experience for both him and you.

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