Hartz Puppy Shampoo Review

If you read this right now you’re definitely interested in reading a Hartz Puppy shampoo review. Heard about it, but is it any good? You love your puppy I know, but it’s all right if you don’t love the mess he makes.

Your pup will end up playing in the mud, and you can’t resist yourself from laughing and seeing your pup enjoying it. And then what? You wash your furry friend because of course you care about him and maintain his hygiene at the best possible level.

Bathing helps them stay clean, healthy and groomed because it removes the dirt and damaged hair which is something necessary to do in order to avoid any infection on the skin. In order to avoid these situations, you need a good shampoo to fight all the bacteria that might affect your dog’s health.

Choosing a Shampoo For Your Puppy

You are looking for an analysis of the Hartz Puppy washing solution which is good, people often go and buy shampoos without knowing which shampoo will suit their pup’s sensitive skin and then wonder why dandruff appears. Sadly there are also people who use their own shampoo on their dogs.

Do not ever try shampoos that are formulated for humans on your pup’ skin because human and pets have a different kind of skin which have different levels of acidity and pH levels. Your pet’s skin has a higher pH compared to yours.

A small happy cute puppy patiently waiting for his shampoo bath near a small bathtub.

Using the wrong shampoos can do harm to your dog’s skin. There are a lot of pup shampoos in the market available but surely not every shampoo suit your dog. Choosing the wrong products can cause inconvenience and trouble. If the shampoo doesn’t suit your dog’s skin, it might end up causing rashes over his body and your dog might also start shedding.

What makes a shampoo a prime candidate depends on the nature of your pup’s skin. If your pup has flaky and dry skin which also means that your puppy has sensitive skin, then a moisturizing shampoo should be a perfect choice. Look for products which add soothing ingredients like Vitamin E, honey or Aloe Vera. Also, make sure that it’s not too scented because it can be a source of irritation because they have a strong sense of smell. Shampoos formulated for pups should be milder.

The Hartz Puppy Shampoo Analysis

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This shampoo is budget-friendly and is claimed to be high-quality due to the fact that it’s made of natural, tearless and non-toxic ingredients. The company claims that this product completes the need of your furry friend’s skin and is oriented to hydrate, heal, clean the skin and coat.

The shampoo is suitable for all lengths of hair and smells great which lasts long after the bath.  Hartz puppy shampoo can definitely help you out if your puppy is more pampered and sensitive. It is very gentle to the eyes and skin and doesn’t cause any irritation for your pup.

The shampoo is also very helpful to dogs that have dry skin. It treats the coat in such a way that It doesn’t remove the essential oils of your dog’s skin. This is another reason why human shampoos aren’t good for dogs, human shampoos are strong and would wash the layer of oil that is essential for the good health of your dog’s coat.

Features & Benefits of This Shampoo

For situations where other products fail to eliminate the unpleasant odor. This shampoo doesn’t cover the odor but helps remove it along with dirt thoroughly from the skin in a very effective way. The active ingredients offer more protection than other products in the same league.

Cute small puppy in a pink towel after a wash near grooming products.

The shampoo protects the color of your dog from fading and enhances the natural shine. Poor diet can make your dog’s coat dull and lusterless, or if you’re living in a house rather than an apartment.

Your dog somehow finds a way into garbage and mud in search of mystery and ends up being dirty then the hair looks frizzy. This shampoo restores the resistance, moisture and maintainability because it includes a special 18 ounces of fluid for tangles and frizzy locks in your dog’s hair.

  • It doesn’t burn the eyes of your puppy so you can wash closer to the eyes without hurting them
  • The shampoo helps the dry skin become more fluffy and soft
  • It makes your pup smells like floral jasmine for more than two weeks after a bath
  • This product is suitable for all lengths of hair and helps removes the tangles and mats thus making combing easier
  • The shampoo is easy to carry anywhere, you can keep it in the pouch and have it on the go
  • Specially designed for puppies
  • The product is extremely thin which makes it super-runny. So, a person needs to be careful about squirting not more than a little bit
  • It claims to kill the fleas, but the results come out the opposite. It doesn’t work good on the “killing the fleas” part
  • It may not lather well with dogs having thick double coats
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FAQS About Hartz Puppy Shampoo

At what age can I begin to shampoo my dog?

You are able to give a bath to your puppy as soon as you get him home. Let your dog adjust with the surrounding before you give him a bath. The age or size factor doesn’t matter in this case. It is a little picky when it comes to choosing the right shampoo for him or her when it’s a puppy, when they are small they are super-sensitive and react easily to detergents and concentrated solutions.

So you better be sure that the shampoo you choose happens to be the milder and effective one like the one I recommended.

What to do if the puppy doesn’t like water?

If your puppy doesn’t like water or is afraid of taking a bath, then waterless shampoos are a great option for them. They are available usually everywhere and are specially made for the dogs of that sort who don’t like water. The shampoo is simply poured on the coat or applied either by massage and brushed on the skin and then wiped off. These shampoos can be a good alternative, but of course, aren’t as effective as real baths.

does your pet scratches incessantly from allergies

There are a number of reasons why your dog might scratch or licks his skin. One reason could be living in a region with low-humidity. Dogs are likely to have dry skin from those regions. Another reason could be their diet which can also influence skin dryness.

Dry pet foods have a more dehydrating effect on the skin which can result in flakes of dandruff in the undercoat. Then there comes the allergy which can be a source of a greasy skin which is accompanied by the constant scratching. The best way to cope up with this situation is to add fresh oils, easily digestive enzymes, and other supplements to your dog meals.

how often should i shampoo my dog?

The frequency of using shampoo on your dog depends on different factors. Some of those factors are the type of coat, skin, and problems that exist in the skin. It also depends on the lifestyle you have provided for your pet. If you often take your dog out and he has many outdoor activities, then your pet requires more baths compared to other dogs.

A dog being washed with shampoo foam on his head looking sideways.

If the environment is good around your dog and he has no skin issues then once a month will be adequate. Make sure that your dog’s skin has protective natural oils that help them moisten the skin. These build naturally in time but can be washed if you bathe your dog quite often and this isn’t good. It will turn out to be a source of increasing dryness and irritation. Once a month maximum. If it’s really necessary you can wash your dog with simple warm water.

What could cause irritation to my puppy?

If you find your puppy itching and with signs of irritation it shows you that something is wrong. It’s very likely that your product is not suiting your puppy if it has a good healthy diet. First comes the diet that is a necessity for the growth of your dog. Also if shampoo residues are left on the coat because it wasn’t rinsed properly then that too could be the causing reason of irritation that your dog is facing.

Can Dawn Dish Wash be used to wash a Dog?

NO! Dawn dish wash is capable of removing oils and strains from the dishes, but it shouldn’t be used on a dog’s skin ever. The dawn dish wash contains some seriously harmful detergents which can cause inflammation and will tear down the naturally produced oils on your dog’s skin.


Best Budget-friendly Shampoo for Your Puppy.

Hartz puppy shampoo is almost delivering what it is claimed to be, except for the “flea elimination” part. It comes at a fairly affordable price, it keeps away the dirt and odor and gives a fragrance to your dog that lasts over two weeks. Its fluids and naturally amalgamated effect on the skin makes the coat easy to manage and prevents the appearance of tangles and mats.

White dog carefully being rinsed after a bubble bath.

The shampoo has a nice texture, a bit thin which can be annoying at times but well, it’s easy on the coats and can be rinsed with water pretty easily making you comfortable with it and saves you the effort of struggling to clean the shampoo from the core.

The shampoo can be used quite often and is safe enough to prevent the oils on your pet’s skin from being removed. The pH is well balanced and can be used to reduce excessive shedding and proves to be the best one for the puppies having itchy skin prone to allergies and dryness.

All in all, you can take your dog out for a walk very often without worrying about its skin being exposed to external parasites and environmental factors. As I stated in this Hartz Puppy shampoo review, it generally proves to be a good and alluring choice for people except for the ones that are searching for a flea killing oriented shampoo.

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