Can You Blow Dry A Dog?

Pet groomer drying Labrador dog fur with a professional hair dryer

Can you blow dry a dog? Everyone that has a dog knows how important proper coat care is. Specifically, you must put enough time and effort into your dog’s fur to keep your dog healthy and satisfied. However, this immediately does raise some questions, For example, is using a blow

How Many Litters Can A Dog Have?

Dog puppies

When a dog has a litter, this is always a joyous occasion since that means that new puppies are brought into this world. However, this also does raise some pertinent questions such as how many litters can a dog have? Keep reading to find out! How Many Litters Can A

How Fast Can A Dog Run?

Dog running near the sea

If you’ve ever seen a dog running around, you’ve probably already asked yourself, how fast can a dog run? Keep reading to find out the answer! How Fast Can Dogs Run? Well, that’s actually not a question that’s very easy to answer. That is to say, it depends greatly on

Can You Use Head & Shoulders On A Dog?

Happy dog being wash

In some aspects, humans and dogs are remarkably similar, that’s a known fact. However, the question remains to what extent this is true exactly. Can you use Head & Shoulders on a dog? there seems to be an ongoing discussion between dog lovers across the nation as to whether you

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Water?

A dog drinking water from a metal bowl in the summer to stay hydrated

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that drinking water daily is extremely vital for humans. But how about dogs? How long can a dog go without water? There seems to be a whole lot more confusion as to whether this also applies to dogs. Of course, it’s common knowledge that

Can I Use Baby Shampoo On My Dog?

A labrador being washed with baby shampoo in the bathroom

You need to wash your dog immediately and you ran out of dog shampoo. Perhaps you’re wondering, can I use baby shampoo on my dog? Is it possible to get away by using some baby shampoo that you have handy at home instead of using dog shampoo? Let’s find out.

How to Deodorize a Dog at Home!

Dogs. They are man’s best friend. Loyal companions until the end of time! Though sometimes it seems like their smell lasts forever, too. I get it. We love our furry friends, but we can definitely do without the unpleasant odor that comes along with them. So the question is, how

How To Wash A Dog’s Face

Owner washing his dog's face in a bathtub

Dog’s can be quite adventurous and you never know what your pup might be getting their nose into if you aren’t around to watch them constantly. Every dog is susceptible to getting all sorts of things stuck in their facial hair or skin folds and you want to keep their

Can I Use Human Shampoo on a Dog?

Owner giving his dog a bath with human shampoo

Every dog owner arrives at the question of weather you can use human shampoo on a dog or not. Its been a lovely morning, just you and Fido on the wooded trail leading to peace and serenity. Well, right up to the point your loyal canine companion sees a squirrel.

How To Get Your Dog To Eat Dog Food Again And Fall In Love With It

Picky dog refusing to eat his dry dog food from his bowl

Every Dog is different in their nature and behavior and so their food habits along with meal patterns. It may appear to you that dogs can eat anything and anytime but some times and some dogs are just choosy about their food. You might come across a problem where your